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Procedure for removing Java version


These instructions will advise on how the previous, or Java, version of TEAM-UP should be removed from a PC after the update to the new MS .NET Framework version (hereafter, ‘.NET’) has been completed.

Before proceeding with the instructions below, make sure to have booted the new TEAM-UP program at least once.

Startup Folder / Scheduler check
  • For Window 10 Users, open the ‘Run’ dialog box (using Windows Key + R)
    • Type ‘shell:startup’ and select Enter
    • If you see either (or both!) ‘Scheduler_v0’ &/or ‘Scheduler_v2’ in the list that appears, Delete them.

For Windows 7 Users, check the ‘Startup’ folder in the list of All Programs to see if either ‘Scheduler_v0’ or ‘Scheduler_v2’ appear. If either of them do, Delete them from ‘Startup.’

For either Operating System: If ‘TeamUp Schedular’ appears in these areas, leave it alone regardless of whether or not the Scheduler will be in use on the new version.

Desktop shortcut

Locate the ‘TEAM-UP Download’ shortcut on your Desktop. teamup

Note: The new TEAM-UP icon is labeled ‘TEAM-UP’, not ‘TEAM-UP Download’ teamup

Delete the old ‘TEAM-UP Download’ shortcut.

Installation Folder

Next, boot Windows File Explorer (often accessed by means of a ‘Computer’ or ‘This PC’ link on the Start menu) to see your PC’s list of drives, folders & files.

Locate Drive C: and from there, the ‘teamup’ folder.

If the Download Path used by your agency system is not ‘C:\teamup’, the ‘teamup’ folder can be removed.

If the Download Path used by your agency is ‘C:\teamup’, navigate to that folder and open it. A ‘download’ folder will appear; there may also be a few files listed. Delete the ‘download’ folder.

The Java version of TEAM-UP has now been removed from the PC.

Note: Once the .NET version of TEAM-UP is in use on the PC, users need no longer update Java for TEAM-UP.

If you have any questions, problems or concerns with this procedure, or any other aspect of TEAM-UP, please contact TEAM-UP Support @ (888) 633-5744 or send an email to