TEAM-UP Download Version: (2.0.9) TEAM-UP Download Release Date: 09/13/2021

Note: This is new .NET version of the TEAM-UP client application.

Download Operational Instruction Remove Old/JavaTM version

Installation Instructions

These instructions are intended for use with an initial installation of TEAM-UP.NET. It will describe how to install the Ebix Installer, followed by the installation of TEAM-UP.NET itself.

If installing on a PC that already has a previous version of TEAM-UP installed, the configuration that currently exists will be used for the new installation. This means there will be no need to Add or configure your listed carriers.

For Users who are installing TEAM-UP for the first time, or on a new PC workstation, these instructions will refer you to the correct documentation on how to Add and configure yours carrier(s).

PLEASE NOTE : In order to complete the installation of the TEAM-UP installer plug-in, the User must have local administrator rights on their PC.

Step #1
Select the ‘Download’ button that appears near the top of the display. If the browser displays a download prompt for the TEAMUPInstaller.application file, download the file and then Open it.
Step #2
An ‘Application Install - Security Dialog’ panel will appear. Select ‘Install.’

NOTE: It is possible the PC may now request a re-start be performed. This can be done immediately, or at a later, more convenient time. Please bear in mind that if the TEAM-UP Scheduler was in use from a previous version, it may not run until after the re-start has been completed.

The TEAMUPInstaller.application plug-in will begin downloading.

Step #3
A panel will appear (See below) with options to either ‘Run’ or ‘Save’ the downloaded file. Select ‘Run’
NOTE: If the above panel remains on screen after this Step has been completed, it can be Closed.
Step #4
The ‘Ebix TEAM-UP Client Application’ panel will appear, as shown below:
Select ‘Next’ to continue. The ‘Confirm Installation’ panel will appear.
Again, select ‘Next’ to continue.
Step #5
The TEAM-UP application is now installing.

When it is done, the ‘Installation Complete’ panel will appear. Select ‘Close’

TEAM-UP.NET has now been installed. If necessary, please refer to the Operating Instructions for information on how to Add one or more carriers to TEAM-UP.